86, Portovaya street,
Kaliningrad, Russia

Phone +7 (4012) 920-410
Fax: +7 (4012) 920-411

Other services

Apart from shiprepair services the company offers services as follows:

  • Repair of speedboats and lifeboats;
  • Manufacture of ferrous and non-ferrous metal constructions;
  • Metalwork of rotary parts (up to 12 m length, 10 tons weight and 800 mm diameter) on turning lather;
  • Turning, milling, boring and gear-cutting works;
  • Manufacture and repair of steel and plastic pipelines;
  • Overhaul of diesel engines, compressors, pumps, boiler equipment;
  • Balancing of rotary parts from 5 to 300 kg weight;
  • Overhaul of generators and electric motors including coil rewinding;
  • Manufacture of cabinet furniture and wooden constructions;
  • Babbit surfacing;
  • Manufacture of rigging.