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Kaliningrad, Russia

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Shiprepair services

The yard offers the full range of shiprepair and modernization services.

Engineering support

  • Development of design and technological documentation;
  • Defect identification of ship hulls and equipment parts by NDT methods;
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauging;
  • Welded joints testing;
  • Air tightness and water tightness ultrasonic testing.

Repair and manufacture of ship steel constructions

  • Repair and renewal of ship steel constructions;
  • Repair and manufacture of hull fittings;
  • Repair and testing of aluminum and plastic boat hulls;
  • Welding of cast iron and nonferrous metals;
  • Blasting of ship hull parts(St, Sa1 - Sa2.5);
  • Painting of ship hull parts;
  • Cleaning and painting of drinking water tanks (sanitary certificate);
  • Cleaning of ballast and fuel tanks.

Repair of hatch covers, lifting equipment and hydraulic systems

  • Repair of hatch covers;
  • Repair of lifting equipment;
  • Repair of hydraulic systems.

Repair of propulsion

  • Repair of steerable columns and thrusters;
  • Repair and reconditioning of propulsion components (FPP/CPP);
  • Manufacture of propeller shafts, rudder stocks, rudder blades;
  • Welding and surfacing of propeller shafts, propellers, rudder stocks using BELZONA, DEVCON and other material;
  • Boring of bossing and propeller-shaft struts.

Repair of mechanical equipment and piping systems

  • All kinds of ship engines overhauls;
  • Renewal of main and auxiliary engines;
  • Installation of engines and other equipment on polymer materials;
  • Modernization of main powerplants (Including transfer to heavy fuel oil);
  • Repair and balancing of ship turbochargers;
  • Repair of ship boilers, refrigerating units, pumps, compressors, separators;
  • Repair of anchor, towing and mooring equipments;
  • Repair of pipes and pipe fittings;
  • Repair of process equipment of fishing vessels;
  • Repair and adjustment of fuel equipments;
  • Reconditioning of engine and equipment parts of ferrous and nonferrous metals;
  • Babbit surfacing.

Repair of automatics, radio navigation and electric equipment

  • Repair of automatics and radio navigation equipment;
  • Repair of generators and electric motors including coil rewinding;
  • Repair of electrical equipment, distribution devices and cable lines.

Interior works

  • Finishing;
  • Pipes and rooms insulation works;
  • Repair and manufacture of ship furniture and wooden constructions;
  • Repair and manufacture of open-air wooden decks.